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Jul, 2020

Re-Opening 2020 Metro Season Status

July 7, 2020

Dear Metro Family,

Metropolitan Little League board of directors would like to thank you for your patience during this time of epic changes in our society and lives due to this Covid-19 pandemic.  Due to this pandemic, activities and social behavior has changed.   Activities across the country and the globe have shut down  and/or modified as needed.   Little League Baseball across the country and globe has also been impacted. 

 At this time, Metropolitan Little League board members would like to inform you of what has happened so far, what can potentially happen next and answer some of the more frequent questions we have received so far.  


Since March, Metropolitan Little League has had ongoing positive communication with the City of Santa Fe Springs with regards to when/how Metropolitan Little League is going to be able to reopen our season.   In May, Metropolitan board of directors began to create the written action plan that is required for submittal to Little League International, City of Santa Fe Springs and Los Angeles County Health Department for approval from these entities with the optimism that our 2020 Spring baseball season would re-open in July.   This final action plan has been submitted on June 24 for review and approval. This action plan addresses how Metropolitan will reopen Little League baseball to its community with health and safety protocols in place for all our players, parents, managers, coaches, board members and fans of Little League that will abide by Los Angeles  County Health Department  Youth Sports Guidelines (which are still be developed by Los Angeles County at this time).  Please note that the City of Santa Fe Springs Parks and Recreation Department is a participant of the Los Angeles County Health Department sub-committee which is developing the Youth Sports Guidelines and therefore keeps us informed of the most up to date information. 

As you may know other Little Leagues across various counties in California and across the United States has re-opened their seasons but due to current Covid-19 cases increase and the fact that Los Angeles County Health Department is currently working on completing the youth sports guidelines, our vision of re-opening in July has been impacted at this time


At this time, the Metropolitan Board of Directors goal continues to be for us to re-open the 2020 spring season as soon as possible with the guidance of City of Santa Fe Springs and Los Angeles County Health Department providing us The Youth Sports Guidelines.  Our final decision for the 2020 Spring Season re-opening or cancelation will be made by no later than September 30, 2020.   Please stay tune for this update by visiting us at:,  Facebook and Instagram.


Can I receive a refund for 2020 Spring Season?  We regret to inform you that no refunds will be provided.   This information was provided to your team manager during the month of May with the expectation that they were to inform their parents.   Let us explain why refunds will not be provided.   The 2020 Season fees have already been used to pay the following and none of these can be returned or refunded by vendors we used to purchase these items from:

  1. Baseball equipment used by players
  2. Field maintenance equipment
  3. Uniforms for players
  4. Liability insurance fee per player per year
  5. Charter fees
  6. Snack bar equipment/product

Our League is Non profit organization which makes it a point to keep the fees low for our community as compared to other local little leagues.  Thus, we do not have the ability to provide refunds based on what was already spent in preparation for the 2020 Spring Season.  If the 2020 Spring Season is cancelled, we will determine how much of a voucher you will get for the 2021 Spring Season taking into consideration the money that has already been spent.  Please note that  Little League International has asks us to do our best to offer the kids a 2020 Season to play ball as long as state and county officials give us permission to do so, with proper health/safety guidelines in place. 

What am I to do about the fundraiser? An answer cannot be provided regarding this matter at this time.   Once we have approval to play the season, the board of directors will meet to provide an answer to the Metro family.  Please note, if season is cancelled, all monies will be returned to the people you sold too.      We have a list of the team and team player that has submitted their monies to Metro Little League.

How can I get updates/answers to my questions?

All updates will be provided on the Metropolitan Little League Website:, facebook and instagram.  It will be important to check these sites frequently as this situation is fluid and always changing.  

The Metropolitan Little League Board wishes you and your family good health and we look forward to seeing you soon.  



Michael Givens

Michael Givens

President of Metropolitan Little League




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